There are several reasons for a ratio change. Towing and large tires are the most common.


After larger tires the most important modification is to regain your "effective " ratio. Large tires rob torque and often even your 5th or 6th gear becomes useless. Also, often customers experience better fuel economy with ratio changes. If you are towing, it is desirable to bring your RPM's into a higher torque band. Moving up to a numerically higher ratio will make towing easier, and relieve stress from your transmission.


Whatever the reason, trusting the engineering of you vehicle from the manufacturer is the best place to start. Similarly our preference is to equip your daily driver or off road warrior with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) ring and pinions and parts. When OEM is not available, we vet all

brands based on our vast experience based on hundreds of builds. Our preference is US made, however many brand also deliver great quality at lower costs.


Our warranties are real ones without fine print or meaningless excuses. We encourage you to do your research. We strongly believe if its done thoroughly we will see you soon.


Repairs and re-gears are a serious matter that should be done by a differential specialist only.


Many factors are considered to ensure that the repairs will at least last as long as the first go around. We inventory thousands of specialized OEM factory parts. This makes it easy for us to quickly and efficiently get you back on the road with absolute confidence your differential was built at the very highest standards. Please visit our shop to confirm our expertise. We are sure that you will trust Enrico's Differentials with your differential needs.

We are as good as they say we are.


"Good work has more to do with integrity than competence. Integrity is the desire whereas

competence is the ability . One without the other has little value. But the former leads to the latter and

not the other way around."    -Enrico Dilorenzo